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FAQs:  Elementary Program

Bridges Virtual Academy’s elementary program spans K4-5th grade. Each year is structured in a slightly different manner with additional rigor added as student skills and abilities are developed. Families work with a student’s advisory teacher to develop an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP), where curriculum and resources are tailored from our approved resources to meet the needs of each student in each subject area. ​

K4-2nd Grade Band: In the K4/K level, our program supports student exploration and discovery of new concepts and ideas; 1st and 2nd grade students have more teacher-directed opportunities including live (virtual) supplemental class options.


3rd-5th Grade Band: Students have up to 3 different instructional pathways to select from in each subject-area to tailor their learning experiences. This level includes increased live class options.


The 3-5 team of teachers truly are  master teachers. Their classroom management coupled with their care in preparing and planning classes inspires their students to learning, wonder, and joy in academics. Obviously they teach the content that is necessary but do so without making it dry or rote. They use a plethora of different creative platforms and activities to make the content interesting and inspiring. All 3-5 teachers are readily available to their students and their families.​ With varying levels of learning in their classrooms they are careful to give the scaffolding necessary to students who are struggling while at the same time raising the bar for those students who require inspiration to reach their potential. They have clear expectations for the classroom and for the work that they want their students to do. This creates a culture of safety and security for the students.

The overarching goal of our elementary program is to to build foundational skills for future learning, and to instill students with a love of learning.

Benefits of the elementary program include...

 Academics, Community-Building, Technology, Learning Resources:

  • Advisory teacher assigned to your family to teach and guide students across multiple years--siblings work with the same advisor within a grade band

  • A variety of pre-approved curricular options--print and digital

  • Online program support in reading and math

  • Streamlined parent communication processes using multiple tools

  • Community building/engagement opportunities for 1st - 5th grade students

  • Family-friendly  events organized throughout the state

  • Extracurricular learning opportunities funded through the Academic Enrichment process

  • Laptop for each student and iPad for each family in addition to other at-home print resources


Watch the videos and review the blue box of Frequently Asked Questions below to understand how our program looks in action.

          The teachers at BVA are wonderful and encouraging. They really help the kids thrive! They also provide support such as for struggling readers or children who may need extra help. For grades 4K-5 grade the options for learning in a variety of ways with different teacher and parent led options for each month is phenomenal. There are so many fun ways parents can teach their kids with the full support of teachers...    >>> BVA Parent

K4-2 Program "At a Glance"

Pencil and notepad

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3-5 Program "At a Glance"


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