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Student  Art Gallery

Check out the gallery below of the AMAZING artwork from our own BVA students that's been featured on the website in past years. Note: The artwork will automatically rotate, but you can click on an individual piece to see the full work.  

Mt Summit LB
Rick Astley GH
A Day In Paris LF
Untitled BE
Hand and Tree BM
Lake Superior AH
Trust NS
Slightest of Smiles BM
Everlasting NS
Gemini Stranger HK
Mountains BG
Blue Spring SK
Hot Glitter LB
Stateliness MH
Student Art LR
Thunderstorm Over Lake Michigan JM
Easter SS
Path Along the Rock Face LB
Watercolor Buttercups JE
My Sister Marcella SW
Ripples and Reflection KE
Runaway Railroad JM
Pink Forest RK
Untitled AD
Untitled KI
Summer Sunshine  JM
Orchid HG
Feeder Fued HG
Disillusion MD
Lost Time ZS
Dark Violin MH
Magic of the Sea MH_edited
Days Gone By JN
Ben in London AH
Untitled GH
Untitled2 KI
Spiderweb AM
What Do They See MH
Untitled NS
Railroad Bird HB
Oranges AH
Three Birds in a Tree KI
Untitled LB
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