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Frequently Asked ILP Questions


What is an ILP?

An ILP is an Individualized Learning Plan. Each student at BVA has an individualized plan designed from our approved pathways to support their personal academic needs. As part of this plan, families pre-select from an approved curriculum list and/or our BVA course selections to support a student’s learning needs. After this pre-selection process, families will meet individually with a student’s advisory teacher to discuss the student's needs and finalize registration for classes and orders for classes.

When should I complete the ILP website?

For New Families: Please complete the ILP website AFTER completing New Student Online Enrollment and BVA Student Online Registration in Skyward. Your student’s teacher will reach out with the website password and steps for completion once registration is finished.

For Returning Families: Complete the ILP process during the spring with a student's advisory teacher. Skyward Student Online Registration will take place in July. This step is necessary to complete for EACH BVA student to have a student officially enrolled for the new school year. Curriculum orders will not be processed until this step is finished in Skyward.

Do I have to know which curriculum and/or classes I want my student to complete before having the ILP meeting?

No. We understand that there is a lot of information on the ILP website and you may have specific questions and/or need guidance on curriculum choices before finalizing decisions. We do ask that you complete watching  the videos on the website, as many questions will be answered about what choices your student can make. However, curriculum selections and/or class choices can be made with your student’s advisory teacher during the ILP or after the ILP.

Can I be reimbursed for any curriculum I purchase on my own?

No. All purchases are made by the school directly to vendors. 

What is an advisory teacher?

The advisory teacher is the main communication person for parents for any questions or concerns regarding the school. In addition, the ILP is conducted with the advisory teacher. The advisory teacher will also provide points of community and connection between students through different activities. The types of activities and connection opportunities vary based on the grade band of the student.

How is an advisory teacher assigned?

Advisor assignments are based on enrollment and our staffing level. Students will stay with an advisory teacher throughout a grade-band. The grade bands are split in the following ways: K4-2, 3-5, MS, HS. Siblings will be assigned to the same advisory teacher their sibling already worked with at BVA.

When will I hear from my assigned advisory teacher?

For New Families: After Student Online Registration in Skyward is complete, the office will send you a confirmation email. Within 3 business days, your student’s advisory teacher will reach out via email with information for accessing the ILP website. After reviewing the ILP website and completing the ILP Planning Worksheet (shared by the advisory teacher), the ILP meeting will be scheduled. During this meeting, the advisor and parent will  map out the student’s individual  learning plan. 

For Returning Families: After the first Monday in April, families who have indicated to the office that they are returning for the next school year will be contacted by their student’s advisory teacher. The advisory teacher will share information on accessing the ILP website along with the student’s personal ILP Planning Worksheet. After reviewing the ILP website and completing the ILP Planning Worksheet (shared by the advisory teacher), teachers and parents will schedule the  ILP meeting.

How will my students receive curriculum materials and technology resources?

After the ILP meeting occurs, teachers submit orders for any materials that are needed. Curriculum orders are processed after July 15th. Students will begin receiving curriculum resources and technology via the mail. Technology is deployed mid-August for new students who have completed the Skyward Enrollment process.

ILP Website Link: 

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