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Future  Families

Thank you for your interest in Bridges Virtual Academy! Our mission is to provide a personalized, virtual education program that develops elementary, middle, AND high school students into skilled, independent learners. We do this through...

  • Utilizing innovative instructional processes

  • Maximizing learning opportunities available to each student 

  • Fostering supportive and collaborative relationships with parents for student success 

  • Creating community connections within the school and locally

  • Supporting a variety of academic enrichment activities

  • Effectively using technology

  • Customizing resources to fit the unique needs of the student ​

Want to learn more? Check out our About Us and Handbook pages!

"Angel" by Brynlynn, BVA Student

Looking for information on a specific grade level? Click on the pages linked below for detailed overviews, FAQs for each level, links to curriculum, and more!

Check out these infographics for a quick visual overview of the different styles of learning at BVA!

BVA Instructional Pathways HS.png

Want to learn more about Bridges Virtual Academy?​

See the Frequently Asked Questions page for information and answers to common questions about BVA.  

Live OUTSIDE the Merrill School District?​

See the NonResident Open Enrollment process for more information and application links!

Live IN the Merrill School District area?​

See the Resident Open Enrollment process for more information and application links!

BVA Instructional Pathways MS.png
BVA Instructional Pathways 3-5.png
Connect Learn Achieve graphic
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