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Student  Privacy

Student privacy in an online environment is a top priority of Bridges Virtual Academy.  The following information provides parents with an overview of approved resources and discloses Federal Rights concerning student privacy.  These resources listed in Online Tools may be used with your student, unless otherwise indicated.  If you have any questions concerning a tool, please contact your student's advisory teacher.

We systematically review federal laws (FERPA and COPPA) in order to streamline our program choices to make sure they follow these rules:

  1. Student data can be deleted upon request

  2. The program collects minimal or no personal student data

  3. The program must not target students with ads

  4. It must not sell student data to third parties

  5. Information is used for educational purposes only  

Click the links below to access Privacy Policy links and Terms of Service links for potential tools utilized by students.  See comments for resources where parent permission is asked prior to use.

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